British Higher National Diploma

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Hospitality Management

This is one of the most popular hospitality management qualifications in the world. It is usually gained within two years of standard education. At TeleDom owing to our blend of distance learning and real work environment experience this can be achieved in a shorter time. The qualification is composed of Mandatory and Optional units. Below you can see an example of programme composed by us for our students.

TeleDom´s programme for Hospitality Management:

  • Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry
  • Unit 2 Finance in the Hospitality Industry
  • Unit 3 Customer Service
  • Unit 4 Research Project
  • Unit 5 Food and Beverage Operations Management
  • Unit 6 Rooms Division Operations Management
  • Unit 7 The Developing Manager
  • Unit 8 Marketing in Hospitality
  • Unit 9 Human Resource Management for Service Industries
  • Unit 10 Work-based Experience
  • Unit 11 Resource Management in Hospitality
  • Unit 12 Hospitality Operations Management
  • Unit 13 Conference and Banqueting Management
  • Unit 14 Hospitality Contract and Event Management
  • Unit 21 Small Business Enterprise
  • Unit 26 Planning and Managing Food Production and Beverage Service

Having completed the Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Hospitality Management you can either enter employment or progress to the 3rd year of a University. Please see link to progression pathways on the Pearson Degree Course Finder

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